Blasting Cruft Away!

April 19, 2016 — Richard Falken

Hello there!

Route 11 is getting ready for reorganizing the marketing of The Flaming Wrath or Árelor. This will include a new cover illustration that will be more related to the genre of the book.

Apparently, news regarding my software projects make this website unfriendly for fantasy fans, so I am doing away with them all. This means that products such as the Deduper File Deduplicator or services such as the OpenBSD man page database have no longer a place here.

Things that are being shutdown include:

  • The gopher site with all its services. The contents that are still worth it will be managed by the Crypto For Liberty association from now on.
    • The OpenBSD man page database.
    • The Deduper File Deduplicator.
  • Non-standard means of contact.
    • My OpenPGP key is over.
    • The Bitmessage address is over.
    • The i2p-bote address is over.

It is important to understand that I am not withdrawing my support from any of these tools. It is just that all the technocruft is a burden when it comes to talking about fantasy books.

Remember that you can still find me, read about me, follow my latest activities, discuss my articles and show your support at these more conventional places: