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New Gopher Site

February 20, 2015 — Richard Falken

I have set a Gopher site, which can be reached at gopher:// Gopher is a pre-http document transfer protocol. It is not particularly useful today, as http has taken its place, but Gopher is still a very clean way of distributing information. It is very low on bandwidth usage, Gopher sites don't abuse Java Script or markup, and we can say Gopher sites are generally cleaner.

The obvious disadvantage Gopher has is browser support. Some browsers that support this protocol are:

  • Lynx
  • Seamonkey and Firefox, using this addon.

I know that using a no-ip domain for the site is a bit clumsy, but resources are scarce. It works well, though.

Website Update

February 01, 2015 — Richard Falken

I have updated the website in order to bring it up to the 21st Century. It is still a very basic design but it is very functional.

Many old contents have been dumped, and the contact information has been updated. I plan to switch all my sites and pages to English and keep Spanish just as a secondary language.

Social media integration has dissappeared. I don't think it will show back anytime soon.